Timber Finials

For woodturners, a finial is used to decorate the top or end of some objects. In architecture, finials are used as a decorative feature, to mark the apex of a tower, roof, or gable. Roof gable decorations are especially popular. Wooden finials are also used in furniture design as a decorative element and in period style/heritage buildings. Also, Capitols, used as post tops on period fencing, staircase Newel posts Entrance gates, etc.

As well as being decorative, finials and post caps serve another important – they are vital to the health of your deck and fence posts. It is very important to cap off the tops of your fence and deck posts so insects cannot bore into the wood easily and water cannot seep into the grain of the wood and swell, causing cracks and splintering.

At Traditional Turnings, we have decades of experience producing custom timber finials for our Melbourne clients. Whether it be an arch for a hallway, wooden post capitols or roof finials, we can create a product to suit your needs. We specialise in replacing damaged and deteriorated pieces, to breathe life back into your projects. The business is run by Peter Lorimer, a woodturner for 35 years whos’ passion and expertise shines through in everything he makes.

We can create wood finials for:

  • Furniture
  • Verandah Brackets
  • Eaves Brackets
  • Gables- Roof apexes
  • Rotundas
  • Fence Posts

Some of our recent wood finials

Here’s a selection of our wood finials recent projects for customers.

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