Timber Door Handles and Drawer Pulls

We specialise in turned timber door handles and drawer pulls in Melbourne, using expertise and quality timber to craft the perfect product for your needs. From the beer Tap Handles at a Clifton Hill Brewhouse to replacing a clients’ coffee machine handles with beautifully crafted timber handles.

Brighten up your old cupboards with handles or pulls made from our beautiful Australian Hardwoods. Make your entry door shine with a large round split pull or hang your jackets and scarves on our timber wall hangers.

Traditional Turnings is a Melbourne business run by Peter Lorimer. With 40 years experience and a passion that is unparalleled in the industry, we specialise in bringing your ideas to life.

Some of our recent turned door handles and wooden drawer pulls

Here’s a selection of our turned timber door handles, wooden drawer pulls and other recent projects for customers.

Round, Angled, Classic, Dished, Square, Long grip, Curved grip, large and small. There are so many varieties limited only by your imagination. No matter what type of timber door handles you’re after, we can look after you!

We love to work with houses and furniture from all different periods in time, as they all have their own flare! Examples of handles from these periods can be seen in the geometric shapes of early Australian 60’s – 70’s, Half moon handles synonymous with Art Deco or retro Danish square grip.

The largest concentration of wooden drawer pulls and handles can usually be found in your kitchen. If you want to create a kitchen that stands apart from the crowd why not get us to create cabinet timber pull handles.

Let us make your kitchen stand out from the ordinary with custom designed door handles and pulls!

Our skills can even be put to use outside. Why not consider making an impression with some large diameter pulls on your entry doors to create a grand entrance.

Call Traditional Turnings today on 0409 948 321 to discuss your custom project or email info@traditionalturnings.com.au with any questions.